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Happiness in a Box Crystal Kit

Happiness in a Box Crystal Kit

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Positivity is key, but it isn't always easy. We could all use a little help keeping the vibes light and happy. This little box of magic is chock full of crystal dopamine, sending vibrations of joy and happiness into your space. Need some love energy? There's a stone for that. Do you need hope for manifesting the life of your dreams?  We got you covered! This kit has so much joyful energy that your inner child will be dancing with glee.  With six stones to choose from, there's one to keep all your sacred spaces overflowing with happiness!

Kit includes: 

Rose Quartz : "The Love Stone," brings love, tenderness and comforting, like a warm hug from your best friend

Tangerine Quartz: a Joyful Stone, increases playfulness, curiosity, and self-acceptance

Carnelian: "Stone of the Sacral Chakra," aids in overall health and re-kindles your confidence, vitality and focus

Citrine: "The Success Stone," combats negative energy and promotes creativity, abundance and the manifestation of dreams

Apatite: Awakens the inner self and balances the chakras, eases anger and sorrow

Amazonite: "The Hope Stone," opens the heart to change and aids in overcoming obstacles. An amazing stone for manifestation



-5" x 3.5" Box with 6 individual compartments that hold a crystal

-Stone meaning cards are included with each crystal

-Stones vary in size from 12mm to 48mm


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